About the SPFE Open Toolkit

The SPFE Open Toolkit is an implementation of the SPFE architecture, designed to help people build SPFE systems.

About SPFE

SPFE is an architectural pattern for building structured documentation authoring and publishing systems. It is described on SPFE.info. As an architectural pattern, SPFE consists of a general architectural design and a set of design principles.

Unlike most other structured writing systems, SPFE does not begin with a DTD or schema, but with a build architecture. The idea behind SPFE is that structured writing systems are most powerful, and easiest to use, when content is written using small, simple, highly specific, strictly structured schemas. This approach makes the schema easy to learn and ensures a high degree or data integrity, which in turn supports a high degree of process automation.

The traditional problem with systems using custom schemas has been the development costs for the code that processes those schemas. The SPFE architecture is designed to address this problem by making the development and maintenance of processing code for custom schemas as inexpensive and reliable as possible.

While SPFE does not specify a schema or schemas, it does specify a number of principles that should be followed in designing scehmas to work with a SPFE build system.

About the toolkit

The SPFE Open Toolkit is intended to demonstrate one or more ways in which a SPFE system could be developed and implemented. The SPFE Open Toolkit is a work in progress on GitHub.

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